SW 1064

Submitted by Joe Taormina - This one is called the "Daisy chain" map.

The really diabolical thing about it were the double diagonals.  Look on the Pattern map and you'll see what I'm talking about.  There are diagonals of the square going through the middle world, and then there are the diagonals (drawn as arcs) bypassing the middle world.  This threw everyone off for quite awhile.

The 6-connectors have been drawn larger than the 2-connectors for visual effect.  HWs have been colored in black on the working map and in the color of their level on the pattern map.  The working map has the wrap worlds drawn in and numbered.  Wraps are all straight lines connections.  The pattern map has the worlds numbered the same to show how it was cut open and laid out for the working map.  The top of the working map is the red level on the pattern map.





We spent most of the game looking for the missing three worlds, thinking there was some place that had a special connection to them.  There wasn't.  It turned out that the missing 3 worlds were black holes in a triangular formation and disconnected from the main body of the map.  The only way to get to them was via the black box, which sent you to your destination through two random, unconnected worlds.  But no one ever did end up getting there.