SW1036 - submitted by Joe Taormina

You can see that the map is bilaterally symmetrical.  There were 3 HWs on the midline, one of which was mine.  As I expanded, I saw right/left symmetry with every move.  Everyone else was complaining that the map was a mess, which confused the hell out of me because I thought it was very neat.  The other two people on the midline were a self-proclaimed mapping idiot and an army officer stationed in Germany, so I was really the only one who could interact with everyone to find the map (this was in the mid-80's, before PC's were prevalent and in the infancy of email.  Everything was still done by phone or snail mail).

Others sent me their maps and I saw the messes they made.  I still like to use this game as an example of how a map can have a pattern but the pattern can be missed if you can't see a symmetry developing.  I doubt that anyone would have broken the pattern of this map if no one was on the midline.  Eveyrone would have maps starting out in different spots and therefore developing differently, missing the overall picture.

I got the map by simply starting with my map and grafting everyone else's map onto mine.  No big deal really, but it started me on my way.

BTW, I call this map "Pretty houses all in a row".  Unfortunately, I'm one of the homeless bums living in the street.

All worlds are shown once.  There are no wrap worlds drawn.  All horizontal lines connect at the arrowheads in a straight line.  There is no skewing at the wrap.  There was only one HW whose position was not known by the end of the game.  Notice that there is a "fast lane" at the top and bottom of the map.  Also notice that FBI put a black hole on the top fast lane.  This pissed off several people.  Didn't really make much sense to make an expressway and then block it off.