SW1102 - Submitted by Joe Taormina

This map had 2 connector HWs.  They sat between two levels, as most of these type of HWs do.  The unusual thing about it was that the two levels were entirely different maps.

The one side, labelled SW-1102B, was a cylinder 8 worlds long and 14 worlds around, with 4 worlds on each end, for a total of 120 worlds.  This was a straightforward map, 2 HWs per column.  The odd HW had a black hole in the same column.  HWs are numbered as they appear on the 1102A map.  Arrowheads wrap directly to each other without skewing.



The other side of the HWs was, in my experience, unique.  The "A" side of the map held three tori (similar to your map in 1280, but much smaller) that held 5 HWs each.  The unique thing about this side of the map was that the "zones" as I called them, did not intersect with one another.  In effect, this side of the map was 3 separate submaps of 40 worlds each.  Each was identical in size, shape, and HW placement.  Wrap worlds are lettered.


The last file is an end view of the cylinder showing which rows the HWs are in.  The second end view shows my interpretation of what the map actually looks like.  The HWs are grouped on the clylinder as though the doughnuts were tucked inside.