SW-1104 (submitted by Joe Taormina)

This is a map that I did for someone in a game that I wasn't in.  By this time I had a couple maps under my belt and was starting to earn a reputation.  This man was in both SW-1036 and SW-1064 with me and liked the maps I did.  They were having trouble mapping this and so he asked me if I'd try.

This map was fairly easy to get because I had just broken the pattern for SW-1102.  Because I had just seen it and had been working with it for awhile, the hex pattern was fairly easy to recognize.  Serendipity.

This map had two connector HWs which sat between two levels.  The levels turned out to be the same size and shape, 120 worlds in a hex pattern that wrapped to form a torus.  Similar to the "A" side of 1102, only larger.  There was also the fact that each face of each hex held a 2-connector.  This allowed a lot more worlds to be packed into a given space.  Each submap in 1102 held 40 worlds in 5 columns of 4 hexes each.  This map held 120 worlds in 5 columns of 5 hexes each.  Physically, this map wasn't very much bigger than the submaps of 1102.  But each level held 3 times as many worlds.

The two levels were totally independent of one another, connecting only through the HWs.  And you were not necessarily in the same neighborhood on both sides of the map.  This allowed interaction with more people.  Wrap worlds are numbered.  They are numbered the same for both sides.  HWs are lettered to show positioning on each side.  Three HWs were not know at the time I did this map.