SW-X1260 (in Starweb Analyzer format by Elliot Hudes)

This was a private game comprised of 5 teams of 3 players. Each team is represented on the map in their color as of turn 21. We called this the Plate map. Each plate was connected to the adjacent plates (above and below) at the 4 corners only. To see this look at the progression of W155 which appears in the first
map (top left) as being below the plate, on the second map (top right) as the corner world and on the third map (middle left) as being above this plate.  The top and bottom plates also wrap to each other. With 6 plates and only 5 teams there was an empty plate devoid of HWs (middle left - ignore W74 as we build this half HW ourselves). The HWs were places on the plates off center so that each team's area would spill over to another plate mostly owned by another team. This set up was obviously designed to threaten security and ensure the teams would not work well together. We didn't :-).

My plate was the top right and the gray worlds are neutral indicating sites of PBB fire. The most colorful plates indicate areas of intense fighting (mine included). Not all plates are completed as I did not have the total map.