SW-Z1275 (submitted by Elliot Hudes - in Starweb Analyzer format)

If you've played Starweb then you've seen the familiar (and overused) hex map. It's a whole map comprised of 3 connectors (some variants have a 4rth connection off the HW to a dead end moon). I've seen many players map this out by squashing the apex and bottom of the hex so as to force this into a rectangular grid but I prefer the honeycomb pattern. The rows all wrap from the right edge to the left edge two rows higher. Similarly the top wraps to the bottom in this case only one colum to the left but I've seen variants that wrap to columns further over. When mapped into 3-D space this becomes a torus with the hexes either going straight along the length of the donut or winding around it on an angle depending on if the hexes wrap top to bottom to different columns.

In this game the blue alliance (mine) has done rather well!