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VOLUME 90 March 2013


Six years in the making - Welcome back!



Feature Article Ė SW-A1371: How to win an anonymous game as a berserker

by Lin Goldstein, Jack Fulmer and Glen Hadaway

Questions Ė Who is playing SW now?


The Swap Corner Ė SWAP and Windows 7




SW-A1371: How to win an anonymous game as a berserker


Glenís narrative starts at T12 when he meets Lin. Glen is referred to as PIR5. Lin played BER1.


First, Linís maps followed by the narrative.


Map 1: Worlds I explored, probed, or inferred and their original owners


(World #) in parenthesis = home world


†††††††††††††† ††††††(202)

†††††††††††††††††††† PIR2

†††††††††††††††††††††† |

††††††††††††††††††††† 11 --------- 102†††† 163††††††††††††††††††††††† 21††††††††††††††† 184

†††††††††††††††††††† PIR2††††††††† PIR2†† PIR1††††††††††††††††††††††† ?††††††††††††††† PIR5

†† |†††† †††††††††††††††|††††††††††† /†††† |††††††††† |†††††††††††††††† |††††††††† |††††††††††††††† /

219 --------- 156†††† 26††† 205 ---175††††††††††† 172†††† 181†††††††† 79

PIR2†††††††††††† PIR2 PIR2 BER1 BER1†††††††† PIR1†† EB1††††† PIR5

†† |†††††††††††††††† †††|††† /†††††††††††† |†††††††† |††† /-----/††††††††† /††††††††† \††† /

150††††††††††††† 164 --------- 81†††† 177 -------- 119††††††††††††† 68 ---252†††††

†† ?†††††††††††††† BER1††††††††† BER1 BER1††††††††† EB1††††††††††† EB1EB1

†† |†††††††††††††††††† |††††††††††††††††† |†††††††† |††††††††††††††††† |†††††††††††††††††† |††††††† |

174 ----------48†††††††††††††† (53) Ė143††††††††††††† 138 --------- 202††† |

EB2††††††††††† BER1†††††††† BER1 BER1††††††††† EB1††††††††††† EB1††† |
†† |†††††††††††† /††††† | †††††††††††††††††|††††††††† |†††††††††††††††† |†††††††††††† /††† |†††††††† |

127††† 51††††††† 7 ---------- 152†††† 255 -------113†† 103(233)--147

EB2 BER1 BER1†††††††† BER1 BER1††††††††† EB1EB1EB1EB1

†† |††† /††††††††††††† |†††††††††††††††††† |††††††††|†††††††††††††††† |†††† /†††††††††† |††††††††† |

36 ---------- 37†††††††††††††† 100 Ė 204†††††††††††† 165 ------- 121†††††† |

EB2††††††††††† BER1†††††††† BER1 BER1††††††††† EB1†††††††††† EB1†††† |

†† |††††††††††††††††††† /†††††††††††††††† |†††† †††††|††††††††††††††††† |†††††††††††††††† |††††††††† |

†† |††††††††††††††††† 65 --------†† 67†††† 146 --------140††††††††††† 230 --128

†† |††††††††††††††† BER1†††††††† BER1 BER1†††††††† BER1††††††††† EB1EB1

†† |†††††††††††††††††† |†††††††††††† /††† |††††††††|†††††††††††† /†††††† |††††††††††††††† |††††††† |

55 ---------- 136††††† 9†††† 182 -- 73††††††† 226††† 12 --------135†††† 39

EB2††††††††† MER1 MER1 BER1 BER1 BER1 PIR4††††††† PIR4PIR4

††††††††††††††††††††† |††††††††††††††††††† |†††††††† |†††††† /†††††††††††† |†††††††††††††† |

††††††††††††††††††† 170††††††††††††††† 52††††††† 2†††††††††††††††† 160††††††††††† 7

††††††††††††††††††† MER1††††††††† PIR3†††† ?††††††††††††††††† PIR4††††††† PIR4




Map 2:†† My worlds within one move of my HW


††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††205 --------- 175

†††††††††††††††††††† (0,3,153,18)†† (0,5,147,17)

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† |†††††††††††††††††††† /

†††††† 164 ---------- 81††††††††††††††† 177

(0,3,139,15)(0,4,100,7)††† (1,1,43,16)

†††††††† /†††††††††††††††††† |†† ††††††††††††††††††|

††††† *48††††††††††††††† 53 ----------- 143

(0,4,112,20)(30,2,50R)†††† (0,6,95,7)

††††††† /††††††††††††††††††† |††††††††††††††††††††† |†††††††††††††††††††

†††††† 7 ---------- *152††††††††††††††† 255 ---------- 113

(0,3,90,16)††† (1,3,128,9)††† (0,4,84,17)††† (0,5,129,16)

†††††† |†††††††††††††††††††† |†††††††††††††††††††† /

37                                  100 -------- *204


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† |

††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 67

††††††††††††††††††††† (0,4,108,17)


(a, b, c, d)a = industryb = starting minesc = population limitd = turn reaches limit


I killed population at all worlds except those with *,

where I had fleets ready to kill population at game end.


Note:since population growth happens before population killed, for example, at a world reaching limit at turn 18,

I gained maximum points by killing at turn 17.



Map 3:EB1ís area


†††††††††††††††††††††††† 181

†††††††††††††††††† (1,5,43,17)

††††††††††††††††††† /†††††††††††††† \

(177) Ė 119†††††††††††††††† 68 ------------ 252

†††††† (0,1,66,16)††††† (0,2,55,10)††††† (0,5,135,16)

†††††††††††††† \††††††††††††††††††††† |†††††††††††††††††††††† |

†††††††††††† 138 ----------- 202††††††††††††††††††† |

†††††† (2,3,113,15)††† (0,0,102,10)††††††††††† |

††††††††††††† |††††††††††† /††††††††† |†††††††††††††††††††††† |

††††††††††† (113) *103††††††† 233 ----------- 147

††††††††††† | (0,1,78,19) (30,2,100,9)††† (3,6,98,8)

††††††††††† |/†††††††††††††††††††††† |††††††††††††††††††††††† |

††††††††††† 165 ----------- *121††† †††††††††††††††††|

†††††† (0,5,195,15)††† (0,6,123,8)†††††††††††††† |

†††††††††††††† |†††††††††††††††††††††† /††††††††††††††††††††††† |

††††††††††† *140†††††††††††††† *230 ---------- *128

†††††† (3,2,108,20)††† (0,2,122,22)††††† (0,4,159,16)


(a,b,c,d)a = starting industryb = starting minesc = population limit

†† d = turn reaching population limit


* before world means I didnít kill the population there.


SW-A1371: How to win an anonymous game as a berserker

By Lin Goldstein



†††† I had played 4 anonymous games in the late 70ís and early 80ís Ė 2 as a pirate,

and 2 as a berserker.I did well in the pirate games, but didnít win Ė although I

might have won one if I hadnít had to fight a berserker as my first conquest

(but did get his HW to over half production before the end of the game).

The berserker games both ended with a score of about 50%.

†††† In my earlier games as an anonymous berserker, I avoided conflict.Every ship

available to a berserker in the end game is 16 points if used for killing population

(2 robots killing 4 population each times 2 points/population, and I estimate 16 points

for each ship used in a PBB drop, since a 100 population world is typical and that produces

400 points for 25 ships, or 16 points/ship).†† Thus ships losses in combat are expensive.

But from my earlier failures, I knew that if I wanted to win, I would need to go to war

this game to gain a second HW for production, high population worlds for gaining points,

and more keys to use to advantage in the end game.

†††† In the following text, I will identify the other players by a character type abbreviation and

followed by a number, similar to previous anonymous game write-ups, although I will do so

immediately even though I usually didnít know the character type then.

†††† I emphasize my strategy and tactics in the early turns, as they set the stage for my ultimate success.


Turn 1

††††† The HW was a standard 3 connector.I donít go for the 250-1 shot of sending a key to a random

destination, but send extra fleets to known worlds to balance the ships in case a loose key isnít found there.


Turn 2

†††† I captured 2 keys, but they were at the same world, and at the world where I only sent 1 key.††

All worlds were 3 connectors.†† I had 7 keys and 6 adjacent unexplored worlds; I sent 1 key

home with 5 Metals and explored the 6 unknown worlds.


Turn 3

†††† I captured all 6 worlds, but only 3 new keys.The map looked like a standard hex map, except

2 worlds had 4 connectors.†† I was adjacent to 11 unexplored worlds, but had only 10 keys.

There was good news in that I already had almost all the Mines I needed (32), and almost all

of my worlds had high population and high population limits.

††† With the key shortage in mind, but plenty of Metal, I decided not to maximize exploration,

but to send the 10 ships available at my HW to gather Metal, and bring back a 6 ship fleet with

4 Metals for future hauling, leaving 8 for exploration with 3 ring-3 worlds to which fleets not sent.

I did not create blind spots, however; I used the trick of moving to one connection, then back

to the starting world, and moving to a second connection.†† This would create contact if another

player went to the first world, and provide a (hopefully) free probe of the world.


Turn 4

†††† Contact!I met 3 players, PIR1, PIR2, and EB1.From their scores, I thought they were all

pirates.PIR1 and I moved from one of our own worlds to one of the otherís worlds; I having

captured his world (W172) while my world was protected by a home fleet (W177).I loaded

Metal from his former world, to take back to my HW, but left the world unguarded so he could

recapture it; I definitely didnít want to antagonize a likely pirate by trying to keep control of

the captured world.

†††† PIR2 and I had encounters at several worlds.He captured one of the worlds through which

I moved as a ďfreeĒ probe (W76), a good world with an industry, 3 Mines, and a key.I moved

to his W102 and W156, capturing W156, and could identify common connection W11 as a ring

1 world.I left W156 unguarded, but probed W11 so I could identify his HW #, assuming W11

was a 3 connector, as I knew W102 and W156 adjoined W11.†† I left W156 unguarded and moved

my probing fleet out of range of his forces so he wouldnít know I probed W11.Also at W156

I dropped a Metal as a CG, and loaded my fleet.PIR2 was tentatively my target, as I figured

I could make a surprise attack on his HW.He moved a 1 ship key to my W164, guarded by a

home fleet, and a 3 ship key to my W205, also guarded by a home fleet.

†††† EB1 and I both moved to W113, but had no other contact.My fleet was fully loaded, and

I dropped a Metal as a CG for the remote case in which he fired at me.His key had the Lesser

of Two Evils, and I expected him to drop it and leave the world.I would create a neutral key

with the bad artifact, and keep the world.

†††† The other two worlds ďfreeĒ probed were W119 and W204, both neutral.†† I decided not to

go after W119, as it had only 1 Mine, no key, and a small population and limit, but W204 had

a key, also with a small population and limit and only 2 Mines.I decided to go after W204,

and if captured, give it to a pirate.I also captured 4 neutral worlds with 3 keys, bringing my

key total to 13.

†††† I built my key at my HW to 13 ships and moved it out to get Metal.I moved a 1 ship key

to my W7, a 3 industry world which would have 4 ISHIPS and the Silver Lodestar, and sent

1 ship exploration fleets to only 2 of the 8 unexplored worlds adjacent to worlds I captured,

besides the 2 ship key I sent to W204.†† I was not hopeful of capturing more worlds when I

already had 16, about my share.A few 1 ship keys were left to guard worlds, hoping that

a pirate would not move in with a 4 ship key or larger.I moved 5 keys with 17 ships and 16

Metal back to my HW, including 9 ships and 9 Metal from the key that didnít explore (1 ship

was used to guard against PIR1 moving to the pick up point).That amount would virtually

guarantee having full production on turn 8.


Turn 5

†††† I met EB2, who captured my W37 and moved to W48 with a 4 ship key which was guarded

by a 1 ship key.So I knew he wasnít a pirate.His score was likely 405, a multiple of 15, so

I figured there was a good chance he was an AC (ACís tend to have scores with multiples of 15).

†††† I captured W204 and the key there, and captured both of the 2 ring-4 worlds to where I sent

1 ship keys (W51 and W65), although I would have to send larger fleets there to put ships on the

loose keys.††† Seemed like EB2 should have been able to get to W51 and W65, but he knew from

the fleet movements at W37 and W48 that I moved to the worlds, so they were probably safe

(but I maintained keys there, just in case, until I had control of the loose keys).Nobody moved to

W67 with its 3 unexplored connections, so I made plans to explore in that direction in case there

was a dropped player.

†††† PIR1 moved his fleet at my W175 to one of my other worlds and probed the ring 1 world.

He was a possible threat, as now he could surely identify my HW.He could know that I probed

at most one of the two unknown (to me) connections to W175, as I loaded 2 Metals on to what

started as a 3 ship key (and moved it to my HW where he couldnít see it, not expecting an ambush

at W177).

†††† PIR2 strangely moved 4 1 ship keys to W102 where I left, and probed a 3 connector ring 1 world

at which he already knew 2 of the adjoining world, thus discovering my HW #.He withdrew from

my worlds.He dropped a CG at one of my worlds at which he was at, but I knew he wasnít a merchant

because there were no low scores on my printout.

††† EB1 dropped the Lesser of Two Evils at W113, but moved up with a 1 ship fleet with a plastic.

I figured he would finally leave the world to me, and Iíd capture the world while bringing in a

plastic of my own to make into a neutral key with the other two bad artifacts.

†††† I only sent a loaded 1 ship key in addition to my 13 ship hauling key back to my HW.With the

18 T-6 builds and the big stockpiles from the Metal-rich web, this would cover full production for T-9.††

With my 5 keys at my HW, I sent one to W152, a 1 industry world with

3 I-SHIPS and some Metal, a 9 ship key at peace to W67 for Metal, at peace so a 1 ship or a 2 ship

fleet by a opponent would not be captured and he would not know if I was a pirate, 1 key to W48

on the remote chance that EB2 contested W48 and also to move on to W51 to put a ship

on the loose key, 1 key to W113 to free my fleet there to move to W138, the connection EB1 did

not move to, and 2 key to W204 to capture the world and key if nobody moved there (only possibility

was from W146).Instead of bringing 4 Metal back from W7, I dropped a Metal there and moved a

sizable key to W65, to likely pick up the loose key (EB2 had W136, the only connection not owned

by me, and he knew I moved to W65), and be able to explore through W67.†† I sent keys to W9 and

W182 off of W67, to hopefully pick up worlds and keys from a dropped playerís area.


Turn 6


†††† EB1 withdrew from W113, and I captured a key and a world with a plastic and the Lesser of Two

Evils.Even better, he gifted me a key at his HW (W233)!He had only 3 Metal there and also 5 keys

with 26 ships.Obviously, he fell for the CG unloading and thought I was a merchant.

†††† I had fleeting thoughts of still going after PIR2 and trying to cooperate with EB1, but quickly

realized it would be better to target EB1.I estimated I could send about 30 ships on T7 to W113,

while barely staying at full production, and from there to his HW.My key at W138 (a 2 industry

EB1 world) and the one at his HW could explore his area, and with 3 or 4keys and over 30 ships

at his HW, he would be hard pressed to defend on T9 even if he suspected a trick and fired at me.

†††† Still thinking EB1 was a pirate, I ordered a gift of W65 to him Ė worth only 3 points/turn to an

EB, but practically worthless for anything but plunder.

†††† PIR1 left my area from W175 to W163.I still donít know what ring that world was to him.

†††† MER1 moved to W67 (guarded) with a 3 ship key from W9, and I explored W9.EB2 left

W37 unguarded, but I didnít try to retake it as he wouldnít be inhibiting the population growth

by plundering it; in fact, I decided to let him keep it.†† Since there were no scores that were multiples

of 15, he wasnít an AC, and with no converts, I knew he was an EB and could use the points.

MER1ís score of 179 suggested a merchant or an active berserker.

†††† I captured 2 worlds with 1 ship keys, both with loose keys.†† I was now above average in keys,

with 19, although 2 keys were loose.†† But I had 5 ships with 2 keys on W65 (after I would drop

1 ship in order to guard the world for EB1).I moved to W73 and W146, which from the map

were likely not owned since nobody moved to W204 from W146, and went to the worlds with

loose keys, sending sufficient ships to use them.


Turn 7

†††† I met PIR3 at W52, which he had captured last turn and plundered.So he was almost sure to

be a pirate.EB1 was identified as an EB as he converted 4 ships to make 1 industry at W138.

I tested and confirmed loader status last turn by loading 1 Metal.I gifted EB1 a 14 point/turn

world to continue the ruse.

†††† I also gifted PIR1 a low population, low Mine world, and moved a fleet with the Silver

Lodestar to the world.With luck, if he planned to attack me, this would dissuade him.I also

wanted to give PIR2 a world, but ran into the gift limit.

†††† EB1 sent only 6 ships to his HW, but had 25 Metals there.

†††† I captured W73 and W146, both having keys.I sent only 1 ship to W73, but it had an industry,

so I had no loose keys.With one made neutral at W113, I now had a comfortable 20 keys.

†††† MER1 sent a key to W65, where I wisely left a guard ship, and probed and unloaded a CG at

W67, moving his key to W100.As I would be at full production next turn, I had no need to give

him stuff for hauling that I would probably need to fire at later in the game, but I planned to declare

him loader and ally next turn in case he want to move his own fleets to my area.

†††† As planned, I moved 36 combat ships on 2 keys to W113.My surplus Metal drops at W53 meant

I only need to have 19 ships come back with Metal on T8, and I also took advantage of my industrial

worlds, so I did better than my original 30 ship estimate.


Turn 8

†††† I discovered PIR4 firing at EB1ís former W128, while moving from W147 to W128 back to W147.

It looked like PIR4 made a capture there last turn, but withdrew 8 keys to deal with another threat.

Lucky for me, he didnít press on, as he would have captured my now 7 ship key at EB1ís ring 1 W147,

and challenge me at EB1ís HW the following turn.

†††† I now had fleets of 3 and 7 ships at 2 of EB1ís ring 1 worlds, and I thought if I moved 2 large

fleets into EB1ís HW without proving a double Metal cargo capacity, my jig would be up (how gullible

was this guy?)†† So I declared him non-ally, and tried to ambush him.

†††† I moved a key through W140 on route to W127, and discovered a neutral 3 industry world, but no

loose key.

†††† PIR3 moved a 1 ship key to W182, which I didnít bother to guard as it was a low population ring 4,

and PIR3 knew I had been there.†† So he captured it.I would show him good will by letting him keep it.

I wasnít sure why this world wasnít someoneís ring 3 Ė did PIR3 miss turns and thus slow to explore, or

was it a quirk in the map?

†††† I figured there was no point in gifting PIR2 a world this turn, as he would already have started an

attack on me by the time he got it, if I was his first target.I might as well let the people grow, as I had

no more low population worlds.

†††† I sent 2 keys with 38 ships to W113.

†††† I did in R1 on W204 to show PIR1 I was a berserker.

Turn 9

†††† MER2 moved into W205 and out to W102, losing a ship to ambush, so I figured he was a merchant

exploring PIR2ís area.†† It was too early for someone to conquer PIR2 and make such a move.

†††† PIR3 moved to W73, again which he knew he was at, so he was being a nuisance. Since he was

exploring outside my ring 3, it wasnít too annoying, and I decided to leave W146 unguarded since it

would grow to its population limit this turn.

†††† EB1 didnít move through my ambushes, but at his HW I had 3 keys with 38 ships to his 5 keys with

34 ships plus 24 builds.†† He couldnít tell I declared him non-ally because I only would suppress from 30

to 26 industries and he had only 24 builds.He would have an almost impossible time stopping me from

robotizing his HW, in fact I only did a R28 in case he didnít fire at me, although my moves on the last

turn should have made it clear I was attacking him..†††† MER1 arrived at my HW with a 1 ship key.


†††† I moved a 2 ship key to W37, not at-peace, to show EB2 I had him as an ally, and do a R1 and L1 next

turn to show him I was a berserker and see if he would let me load from the world.†† I did a L1 at W204

to see if PIR1 had the courtesy to let me load from the world I gifted him.

†††† I captured W140, the 3 industry ring 3 to EB1 which he never captured.

†††† I gave PIR2 W51, a ring 4 world, and moved in a 2 ship key to R1 and attempt to load Metal.

†††† I made a mistake and captured the bad art key at W113 (forgot to put a key at peace).

I now had the impressive Score=6


Turn 10

†††† I met PIR4 at W12 next to W140.From the Turns= and Plunder information, it looked like a ring 2 world.

Also, it was a 2 industry world and he had plundered it twice!Looked like a poor player.

†††† I robotized and captured EB1ís HW (W233); EB1 didnít fire at me, kept me on as an ally, and I had 50

ships (only 1 home fleet captured) and 22 Metal on the ground vs. 5 fleets with 26 ships.I also captured

W121 with 16 Metal and 7 Mines, which would provide sufficient Metal to get full production for W233

on turn 13.

†††† EB1 and PIR1 didnít have the gratitude to declare me loader.

†††† I had 15 Metal ready to unload on W233, and 11 ready to bring in.I targeted EB1ís fleets at W233 as if

he would drop out and the fleets were unloaded, leaving plenty of I-SHIPS and P-SHIPS to guard the world

if he did fire (although if he sent everything he had to his HW, he might be able to neutralize it the following


†††† PIR3 captured W146.I also gifted W226 to him, and sent a 4 ship key to W204 (the world I gave PIR1

with the Silver Lodestar), at peace.†† If PIR3 moved there, he would capture W204, but I would blast him

and give the world and artifact back to PIR1.

†††† PIR2 declared me loader.


Turn 11

†††† EB1 did indeed miss the turn, and I captured 5 keys at W233.It looked like EB1 had dropped with me

declared ally and loader.I captured W138 with 38 Metals and 5 Mines.I now proceeded to attempt to

capture many other worlds and a few keys in EB1ís area.However, I was worried that EB1 might also be

under attack by PIR1, as he sent a key in that direction on

T8 and it didnít return.So I was cautious in moving to worlds in PIR1ís direction, and probed a few of

them instead.

††† It was already time to think about the end game.I guessed an ending score of 8500-9000, and it looked

like my worlds would be ready in population by T16 and I had enough production and keys to construct and

position bombs for passing that total, with 2 additional bombs ready on T17 for scoring on T18ís printout if

necessary with a higher end score.††† This assumed I was able to maintain production at W53 and W233 through

T15, and nobody captured my fleets.

†††† W138 and W147, EB1ís worlds with 3 and 2 industries respectively, were building I-SHIPS which I would

be able to capture after robotizing the high population worlds.

†††† PIR3 did indeed capture W204, and I fired at him but gave him my key at W226 to make up for it.

††††† If my score assignments were correct, PIR4 didnít plunder anything, so I thought he had dropped.†† I sent a

key to W12 to robotize it and capture the I-SHIPS.This was probably a bad move, as whoever was conquering

PIR4 might be more likely to come after me when he reached W12.

†††† I put a ship on the once-again-neutral key at W113 with the bad artifacts to prevent future accidents.

Hopefully, with the world ring 3 to both my HWS, I wouldnít need to move through and get ambushed there.


Turn 12

†††† W12 had action, with a plunder of the world and a 4 ship PIR4 key and a 13 ship MER2 key moving

to the world.The merchants were starting to score points, so I was hoping for the turn

17 game end to win the game in case one or both had a good hauling business.

†††† PIR1 was NOT invading EB1ís area, so everything looked peachy.

†††† I ordered robotizing W147, but had forgotten to put my fleets at peace, so would lose 2 I-SHIPS that

wouldnít be built this turn.

†††† W37 got its Mine increase, and I moved a key there to finally recapture the world and pick up its Metal.††

I started a massive Metal hauling program, with my big Metal stockpiles, to accumulate a big excess of Metal

on my both HW so I could free my hauling fleets for PBB drops.

†††† I captured PIR3ís former key at W113 with the Silver Lodestar, dropped the artifact and a home fleet at

the world, and gifted the world back to PIR1.Since it was a ring 3 world off my normal movement routes,

it didnít look like I would be ambushed there.

†††† PIR2 showed up at W205 with a key with 2 berserker category artifacts.†† Finally I got something in return

for the worlds I had gifted, although the purpose of the gifts was to deter attacks by showing friendliness, not

to get something in return.


Turn 13

†††† PIR5 moved to W147 with 5 keys and 83 ships and captured my robotizing fleet and a 17 ship key of

mine that was sent to pick up Metal.At least I got the 196 points for robotizing the world.As W147 and

W233 (the HW) were adjacent, my second HW was in jeopardy.

†††† I would obviously be concentrating on scoring points rather than having a fire fight with PIR5, but PIR5

did not know this.†† I moved everything I could to W233 and dropped I-SHIPS at W233, except for 1 PBB

fleet sent out.†† I would have 6 fleets at W233 for sending 3 2 key teams to the 3 worlds in EB1ís former

area I still wanted to bomb; this way I could escape from the bombed worlds with the remaining ships after

the possible fire on them at W233 next turn and leave ships on the PBB fleets if necessary if I encountered

opposition at the world.I had probed W128, PIR5ís entry point to W147, and he had captured 3 1 ship

keys, did a 2 ship AH, and moved up an 11 ship key.†† I doubted that he would have more than 90 ships

next to W128.I would have 73 ships on fleets and 46 ships as I-SHIPS.†† I didnít think PIR5 would have

enough to capture the fleets, and I could cover 165 PIR5 ships at the HW without losing builds.†† He probably

would fire at industry, population, or home fleets anyway, so I expected my bombing and escape of ships

to go through without problems.

†††† Meanwhile, I ordered a R15 on EB1ís 3 industry W138 to robotize the world and capture 16 I-SHIPS,

killing 103 people, and captured other worlds and keys in EB1ís former area.

†††† PIR5 sent his gift fleet to W140, and I fired at it and would capture it, but I gave him a world.


Turn 14

†††† PIR5 mysteriously left only 10 ships at W147 to fire at the 7 I-SHIPS, and the rest of his forces appeared

to retreat.I proceeded to abandon W233, leaving a 2 ship key behind, and sent out PBB fleets to the 3

remaining high population worlds in EB1ís former area, as well as some robotizing fleets.†† It was nice not to

have to worry about enemy fire.†† The only problem was

W252, where he might send stuff this turn; I sent 36 ships on 2 keys, one with a PBB, figuring that would

avoid capture and I could always retreat with the PBB fleet if he sent a lot of ships.

†† For the second turn, I probed one of EB2ís worlds, ring 4 to me, in case I wanted additional targets to

bomb in case of an invasion of my original area.I was now planning a massive bomb in my original area on

turn 17, one turn delay due to the PIR5 attack on me.

†††† I sent almost everything I could to W67, including a PBB.†† If PIR3 or MER1 attacked me, I had options,

and if they didnít, it would be too late for them to interfere with my plans.

†††† I ordered the bombing of the 195 population world I moved to from W233 last turn, and that and a few

robot attacks would increase my score from 976 on T-14 to 1940 on T-15.


Turns 15-17

††† PIR5 was being sneaky and appeared on T-15 with a huge armada at W121, capturing my 1 ship PBB fleet.††

On the other hand, my ďbluffĒ at the HW W233 worked, as he sent nothing there and my 2 ship key would

escape with 30 builds.My 2 other bombs in EB1ís area would drop, but he had 21 ships on 2 keys to my 36

ships on 2 keys at W252.I figured PIR5 would target the PBB fleet, or both fleets, but when he targeted

only the non-PBB fleet, with me putting 11 ships on the PBB fleet, I ended up with 2 ships short to make 3

PBB fleets at the meeting at

W238 with the W233 fleet, the W252 fleet, and other fleets, so he ended up delaying one bomb drop on

turn 17.†† He also captured the 11 ship fleet the following turn.

†††† It was now time to complete my plan to win the game, which I had made several turns ago.

Only PIR1 or PIR2 with an invasion of my area and targeting outside the HW would stop me from scoring

more than 8500 points.††† On turn 15 I kept all fleets at my HW and moved in my Metal gathering fleets and

some ships from the former EB1 area.†† If PIR1 or PIR2 invaded, and hit the HW, this would prevent a

capture and hopefully they would target industry, population, or home fleets, letting me escape with enough

ships for bombs to win.†† As they knew my HW from their early game probes, and I couldnít defend my

other worlds against pirates anyway, this was the best possible precaution against PIR1 and PIR2.I would

have over 100 Metal on W53 on T-16, with some more scheduled to drop, so there was no need to haul.††

Also there was no need to send out PBB fleets on turn 15, as I wouldnít need the points the T-17 printout.††

I did move a few small fleets to robot-kill population at worlds at the population limit, as I did T-14.

†††† I also delayed dropping a bomb on T-16 to T-17 as I didnít want to scare other players with a higher score.

My score went from 3401 on T-16 to 4138 on T-17.†† I saw MER2ís score in this period, and he wasnít doing

too well, but I didnít bother probing a MER1 world, to see MER1ís score, as I wasnít going to change my

plans anyway.

†††† AC1 appeared at W140 as I arrived there to bomb it.†† Obviously he wasnít a pirate, because he didnít

capture my fleets, but his 13 ship key suppressed the industry.†† I had 4 ships there on

2 keys and moved them away so I could escape with the bomb, but the best alternate target was a 35

population world instead of the 86 people at W140.†† So I lost about 100 points.†† AC1 didnít fire.

†††† A PIR1 fleet arrived at one of my worlds on T-17, but there wasnít even a PBB fleet there, and

it was too late for him to cost me points.

†††† Also on T-17, I received notice through a failed gift order that PIR1 was capturing a world from


††††† On T-17, I ordered the dropping of 10 bombs and did an R4 to kill most of the population on the

world I gifted to PIR2, which would net me about 4500 points.


Turn 18

†††† The game was over.I won with 8598 points to second place PIR1 (Jack Fulmer) with 4764 points.

My only remaining population was the 218 on two backup worlds where I now had PBB fleets (one

of which I would have bombed already if I hadnít been outsmarted by PIR5 at W252), and I had

only 39 ships to my name.The victory point limit was 6000 Ė much lower than I had expected.

I had won with only killing population on worlds which I or EB1 had originally owned.



Glenís Story


Turn 12


On my northern front I discover a new player with a probe of EB1 W147. Two fleets =26 ships and a

fleet moving through to W252 without getting ambushed. As W147 is probably a first ring of EB1,

this NP is an ally of EB1 possibly a merchant. I decide to send 4 F=87 into W147 to make a statement

and see what happens.


On my southern front I meet another new player whom I suspect is a berserker.

I send half my reinforcements north and half south.


Turn 13

Gadsooks! I make a capture at W147, 2F=18, but the NP is a berserker (B1) and has made a successful

robot capture of the world. B1 has sent 2F to W252 and 1F to W233 and I can only guess which one

is EB1 HW. I decide to probe both worlds, leave a small force 2F=10 to shot the world into neutrality,

and retreat out of sight and see what kind of reaction B1 will respond with. I move all areafleets to

staging areas.


Holy Moley, in the south I discover the other NP is indeed a berserker (B2).

Half the reinforcements go north, half south.


Turn 14

W233 turns out to be the HW but it has been robotized, has been owned for 5 turns!, has 55 metal,

B1 has 6F=149 there. W252 is still controlled by EB1 and only shows passage of B1 2F thru to

unexplored W68. The maximum force I can put on W233 is 17F=163. The highest score I can see is

2458 so neither berserker has seriously started killing. With such a strong force at his disposal, Iím

surprised that B1 didnít move into W147 to act as a blocking force to protect his 2nd HW. He obviously

has 30 to 60 ships hauling rms and possibly could have a reinforcement fleet coming in from his original

Hw. If I send my boys into his HW, I might be in a protracted fight that I could possibly lose. If heís

inexperienced, he wonít have the discipline to wait me out and will come after me. If he divides his

forces Iíll chop him up in no time.


I decide to send a small force 2F=21 into W252 to possibly cut off some fleets; reinforcements from

my home area to a northern staging location; move my main force to W121, a first ring of EB1, to

hopefully to make a major capture and start the encirclement of his HW. ALL reinforcement go north.


Turn 15


My probe of W233 reveals the entire story. Far from being a novice, I learn to my sorrow heís a Pro.

Heís sent all of his fleet and ships out the gap of the third first ring world, W202. To kick sand in my

face, heís had the audacity to leave one F=1 for one final build. At W121 I make my ďmajor captureĒ

1F=1 PBB. I send 2F=19 to the unexplored world, W233, and the remainder into W233 after the

fox thats gotten away. As a minor gamble, I send 1F=5 through W233 to W202 risking a ambush

but seeing B!ís tactics I donít expect one.


At W252 my 2F=21 encounters B1 2F=36 PBB. As he obviously isnít moving his PBB fleet and

will protect it, I fire at the other fleet, probe unexplored W68, and send in enough ships from my

northern staging area to make the capture.


My only hope is that heís started PBBing to early and will run out of gas or heís being pressured

by other players that will inhibit his scoring. Iíll keep maximum pressure on from my end but because

SWA1371 is a basic grid map without fast lines or long distance connectors, I canít chase him any

faster than one world at a time.


Turn 16


W233 is vacated of course, W202 I successful ďran the gauntletĒ and captured a B1 F=1 that has

just PBBed. W252 I capture B! F=1 after his drop. W233 has already been busted, a four

connector world.


I send my biggest fleet to W138, all other new worlds get visits as well.


Reinforcement all stay at home, they wonít be a factor in the northern front or southern area now.


Turn 17


W38 that has 3I , I capture because B1 left it without an I ship, a vacant key, and a M2 F=3 at

peace. B1 has his victory locked in and is getting sloppy. All other worlds heís busted and

moved on. Just to send a message, I drop the PBB I captured on his HW.


Turn 18


Game over. B1 had superior strategy and perfect timing. Congratulations on a fine win.



Closing Thoughts

This was an unusual game for me because I didnít met any berserkers until Turn 12. When I did,

I immediately started attacking them but because I was hindered by poor intelligence my

attacks were ineffective. If my end game focus would have been scoring, I probably could
have finished second but thats like kissing your sister.


Glen Hadaway, pirate SW A-1371


The Gorn Narrative†††††† SW-A1371

By Jack Fulmer††††


††† SW-A1371 was an anonymous Starweb game which began in December,

2009. In it I chose to play a Pirate character and was assigned the character

name GORN.

††† Typically I play anonymous Starweb games. In the standard game rather

than a multi-SW I game I almost always play either a Pirate or a Berserker.

I believe that both a Pirate and a Berserker must play aggressively to win.

That's fine with me as I enjoy the challenge of capturing sufficient resources

to win the game. See previous editions of the SEDG for articles about

Starweb character choices written by myself and several other players.

†††† I have prepared two maps for this article which I hope will help the reader

to envision the game as it unfolded to me. For another way to give a sense of

the overall strategic position in this game I ask the reader to envision a clock

face with my homeworld at the central axis of the hands. For example PION's

empire, which you will hear more about, was on my border from the 5 o'clock

to 7 o'clock positions.




††† My turn number one showed my homeworld with three connecting worlds.

As usual I concentrated on fast exploration of all worlds within 1, 2 and 3

connections of my homeworld. As I wrote in earlier editions of The SEDG

I will, if necessary, sacrifice some early metal hauling to explore as quickly

as possible.


TURN 4††† Score = 267


††† So far so good...†† On turn 4 I own 14 worlds, 15 keys and 7 art. The map

of the web at first appeared to be basically a hex but on turn 3 and this turn

I encountered some four connector and two connector worlds.

††† I met my first three other players this turn. They are VELA, PION, and

QUAD. Both VELA and PION "crossed over" exploration fleets with me. I

moved into a VELA one industry world, W145, which he garrisoned with

1 I-ship. He moved into my world 4 and captured it as I had left it undefended.

PION and I crossed over each other at two world pairs, W225 / W72 and

W39 / W151 and met at a third, W10, which was still neutral. QUAD and

I met at two neutral worlds W211 and W185.

††† VELA is at my 11 o'clock. QUAD is at 8 and 9 o'clock. PION is at 5, 6,

7 o'clock. The rest of my periphery remains wide open for exploration.

I'll keep moving outward until stopped by another player.

††† I peacefully leave the VELA world that I entered and send a fleet to

my W4 that he captured. I keep fleets at both neutral worlds where I met

QUAD and the neutral world where I met PION. I leave the two PION

worlds that I entered but probe the connection that they have in common.

That common world has to be adjacent to PION's homeworld. If it is a

three-connector world then I'll know the number of his homeworld.


SW-A1371 T5 article map


TURN 5††† Score = 554


†††††† Even better, now I own 20 worlds, 19 keys and 9 artifacts including

2 Lodestars, the Treasure of Polaris, and no Plastics at all. I am generally

happy if my artifacts are a net neutral for scoring points (bad art netted

against good). It's always nice to have artifacts be a net positive source

of points. This is especially so for a Pirate as in the long run points get

harder and harder to obtain unless more and more worlds are continually


††††† PION unloaded consumer goods at W225 and moved, at peace,

into my ring one W207 adjacent to my homeworld. He also unloaded

consumer goods at my other ring two world, W39, where he was on

turn 4. He moved his fleet from W39 through my ring three W242 and

onward to W20 that I had not yet reached. Clearly he wants me to

believe that he's a Merchant.

††††† I generally do not cooperate with merchants in anonymous games

or do so only for a very limited number of turns. This is because I want

to win the game and it is relatively very easy for a merchant to win a

game quickly. If they are successfully hauling for multiple players they

can score many hundreds of points per turn. In PION's case it appears

he is quite aggressive based on his move into my ring one. Because of

where he was on turn 4 he had to know he was moving to my ring one.

So I'm going to have to make an early decision to either go to war with

him or confirm that he's a merchant and let him haul for some number of turns.

††††† My probe of PION's W205 confirmed it is a three-connection world.

W205 T/O = 4 and its third connection is W108. Therefor W108 must be

PION's homeworld.

††††† Meanwhile QUAD has also dropped consumer goods at W185 where

we met on turn 4. He moved back into his own territory from both

W185 and W211 allowing me to capture. His moves were very conciliatory.

His unloading of consumer goods may be meant as a merchant signal.

However, if he isa merchant, I would have expected a him to either stay

at one of the worlds at peace or move at peace farther into my territory.

†††††† VELA left my W4 that he had captured on turn 4 undefended. I moved

in and recaptured it. From his W145 I had probed W159 and moved into

W191. W191 was owned by VELA with T/O = 2. W159 had T/O = 4 with

onward connections to W143 and W181. In addition three VELA fleets

had moved from W159 to W181 and none to W143. These facts caused

me to assume with a high probability that W181 was VELA's homeworld.

†††††† My other exploration fleets had encountered one new player, RAMA.

I met him at my ring four W172. It had T/O = 3 so was almost certainly on

his ring two. I captured my neutral ring four W149. Another new player,

AURA, had transited W149 this turn but that's all that I knew about him.

†††††† OK, my tentative strategic plans are to:

†††††††† - Confirm that PION is a merchant and have him haul for me for

four to six turns.

†††††††† - It's only turn 5 and I know the location and world numbers for both

PION's and probably VELA's

††††††††††† homeworlds. I'll attack VELA first. I'll try to do so by turn 9 or turn 10

at the latest.

†††††††† - As soon as my success against VELA is assured I'll cut off PION's

metal hauling and attack him as my second victim.

†††††† In an attempt to confirm PION as a merchant I declared him a "loader".

I'll try to get quickly to full production at my homeworld while continuing

exploration in the directions that I have found to be unclaimed thus far.


TURN 6††† Score = 941††† W = 20K = 19A = 9


†††††† On this turn I met two more new players, YETI and CRAY. I met CRAY

at my ring five W41 which CRAY owned. YETI moved into my ring three

W157 with a 2-ship fleet. AURA moved into my W149 which he had transited

earlier. PION was confirmed as a merchant. He moved his 2-ship key into my

homeworld at peace. Since I had deliberately not declared him an ally I

captured his fleet. By simple mathematics I could tell that he had loaded

four metal onto his 2-ship fleet. Therefor he had to be a merchant. I'll

declare PION an ally and give his key back to him.


TURN 7††† Score = 1158†† W = 20K = 19A = 9


†††††† AURA left my W149 but CRAY moved into it. I moved into my ring

four W23

and found that CRAY owned it. At this point I have explored my entire


Sadly there are no neutral worlds left to easily capture. To keep up a

potentially winning scoring pace I need to attack someone ASAP.

††††† PION moved a 5-ship key to my W225. It produces 5 metal per turn

and there are 19 metal stockpiled so he has plenty to haul. My W207

produces 9 metal per turn so PION knows where to pick up lots of metal.

††††† PION has also given a zero-ship key to me at his homeworld. I assumed

that he would put some ships on it this turn and therefor moved it to his W205.


TURN 8††† Score = 1298†† W = 21K = 20A = 9


††††† PION moved to my my homeworld with his fleet from W225 = 5/10.

He also moved a 3-ship fleet to my homeworld, apparently from his W151.

My homeworld will be at full production from now throughout the rest of

the game. PION also moved a 10-ship fleet to my W225. He is certainly

being aggressive at hauling to my homeworld. Is he being too aggressive?

I'm beginning to think so. I've decide to keep enough Iships on my homeworld

to prevent a PION move to drive it neutral. If he's going for points attacking

wouldn't make sense. But something just doesn't "feel right" to me.

††††† QUAD has moved a 1-ship fleet at peace into PION's homeworld, W108.

PION had built 2 ships onto my fleet so my move order to W205 worked.

††††† VELA has given W36 to me. It appears to be in the part of his territory

which is farthest from me. He also has a 2-ship fleet at the world carrying

the Silver Lodestar. If he drops it on W36 then he is really making a serious

attempt to buy my good will.


TURN 9††† Score = 1613†† W = 21K = 20A = 10


†††††† VELA did in fact drop the Silver Lodestar for me at W36 which I plundered.

He also did a 1-ship robot attack to demonstrate that he is a Berserker.

††††† On the other hand there are disturbing developments on the PION/QUAD


†††††† QUAD has moved a second fleet, this one with 5 ships, into the PION

homeworld. He moved another fleet from W57 through PION's W108 to and

possibly onward through PION's W59. Although PION had Iships = 13 at

W108 he did not ambush QUAD. So PION has declared QUAD an ally.

In addition QUAD seems to know more about the world connections in PION's

territory than I do. QUAD moved still another fleet through my W39 and was

ambushed by me. Since the only world he could have come from was PION's

W151 QUAD must have moved his fleet to W39 and back to W151 as an

exploratory move.

†††††† At this point it is clear that PION is working more closely with QUAD than

he is with me. In addition PION has given me only one 2-shp fleet and no

worlds at all to plunder. Meanwhile he has already gained hundreds of

points from hauling metal to my homeworld.

††††††† From what I've seen of PION / QUAD and the nice gifts I received

from VELA I decided to switch my first target from VELA to PION. I sent

my 2-ship fleet from PION's W108 back to W205 with intentions to AH

W205 on turn 10. I also sent a 2-ship fleet into W151 with the same purpose

in mind. Meanwhile I moved six fleets totaling 86 ships to my W39. From

there they can reach PION's homeworld in one move. Finally I moved one

12-ship fleet to my W225. It can also reach PION's homeworld in one move.

I intend a blitzkrieg attack into PION's homeworld on turn 10.

††††††† My borders with all other players remain quiet.


TURN 10††† Score = 2011†† W = 21K = 21A = 10


††††††† Well PION still hasn't given me a thing except that one, tiny fleet on

turn 7. This turn he has four fleets totaling 22 ships dropping metal at my

homeworld. Strangely, at his homeworld on this turn PION has only one

fleet with one ship. QUAD also has a 1-ship fleet there. PION has 20

Iships and 49 metal stockpiled. But this means he will not have full

production at his homeworld on turn 11. This is very strange behavior

for a merchant. If he really wants to score points why has he not given

his homeworld to someone? And why in the world would he allow it to

be at less than full production on turn 11?

††††††† In any case I have fleets at all three worlds connected to my homeworld.

The fleets are not as large as I would like. But they will be ready to ambush

PION's four fleets as they leave my homeworld this turn since I will declare

PION both a non-ally and non-loader.

††††††† My invasion force headed for PION's homeworld is in place. Based

on the turn 9 fleet movements that I could see I believe it is likely he has

not seen my fleets marshaling for invasion. I'll send four fleets totaling

79 ships to his homeworld this turn. Two small fleets will head for other

PION worlds with the intent to AH there on turn 11.

††††††† Also on this turn QUAD moved a 9-ship fleet into my ring three W185.

We met at this world on turn 4. He left it to allow me to capture it on turn 5.

What is he planning?

††††††† I would like to reciprocate to VELA but I just don't have the resources

to spare now. Maybe I can get a berserker artifact headed his way in a

turn or two. I don't want to be attacked by VELA while I'm engaged with

PION and possibly QUAD.


TURN 11††† Score = 2266†† W = 22K = 25A = 10


†††††† Well my invasion of PION's homeworld is a success. He had only one

1-ship fleet there which of course I captured. He does have 24 Iships on

the world. So it will take a 50-ship AH order to be certain to drive the world

neutral. I carried 23 metal with my invasion fleet which I will unload plus the

world has 24 metal stockpiled. The industry is fully suppressed this turn. So if

I capture his homeworld on turn 12 I'll be able to build 30 ships immediately. I

will start setting up some metal hauling fleets for this world ASAP.

†††††† My forays into other PION worlds reveal that he had given W72 to QUAD.

Not only that but W72 is showing Plunder = 2/3. So QUAD is another pirate

and PION gave him W72 at least as far back as turn 7. I was correct that PION

has been treating QUAD much better than me. OK, that's his prerogative but it's

good to know where his priorities have been.

†††††† QUAD did pull his 9-ship fleet at my W185 back into his territory this turn.

Was he making some sort of feint or exploring for a pending attack?

†††††† ZENO arrived at W36 which VELA had given me earlier. The world was

undefended so he captured it. However, VELA also arrived with a 4-ship fleet

at peace. I'm not sure what's going on there.


TURN 12††† Score = 2477†† W = 25K = 27A = 11


†††††† I have captured PION's homeworld and immediately have full ship production.

I will aggressively explore with intent to capture throughout PION's territory. I'm

starting to get rolling with world and key captures. I need to accelerate my

scoring although all along I've plundered as much as I can without affecting

homeworld ship production.

††††† I've found that PION gave W59 to QUAD this turn. I also see that he has

given W20 to IRIS and that IRIS has plundered it. I'll be going to five more

PION worlds this turn


TURN 13††† Score = 2770†† W = 30K = 26A = 12


††††I captured four worlds this turn and VELA gave W36 with the Silver Lodestar

to me again. He must have recaptured it from ZENO.

††††† I continue to expand into PION territory. This turn one of the worlds I moved into,

W226, PION had just given to BORG and I found BORG owned W93 with Plunder=1/3.

I need the worlds for scoring. So no matter if he gives them to IRIS, BORG, or

whomever I'm still going to try to capture them. Hopefully I won't wind up fighting

all of the other players at once!

††††† Speaking of fighting, QUAD has moved two fleets with 32 ships into my W185.

I suspect that he's serious about an invasion this time. I'll have to divert some

fleets and ships to defense.


TURN 14††† Score = 3213†† W = 35K = 26A = 12


††††† I've picked up another five worlds and my scoring is improving. Unfortunately

I'm going to have to shift even more of my forces to defense against QUAD.

He pulled back from W185 but now has a total of seven fleets and 108 ships

combined at worlds 34, 239, and 253.

†††† I don't know why he is being so tentative in his approach but my counterattack

will be anything but tentative. On turn 15 I'll have ten fleets and a total of 219

ships at those three worlds. The ship production from PION's former homeworld

is really helping against QUAD. Thankfully all of my other borders remain quiet.


TURN 15††† Score = 3669†† W = 36K = 27A = 12


†††††† QUAD is still attacking slowly. He has shifted his forces so that he has four

fleets totaling 113 ships threatening my homeworld through my lightly defended

ring one W68. I've got two fleets and 42 ships at W185. I have four fleets and 86

ships at W239. I have four fleets with 104 ships at W253. QUAD's shift of his axis

of attack has much of my available force badly out of position to defend my homeworld.

††††† Despite this I am still confident I can hold my homeworld. Given even one more

turn without QUAD actually charging headlong into my homeworld I'll be OK there.

The builds at my original homeworld plus those I'm sending from what was PION's

homeworld will see me through. Unless QUAD changes his tentative pattern I'll be

fine. I'm moving two fleets and 56 ships into my ring one W68 on this turn. Once

they are in place he can't just blow though that world with little loss from an ambush.

††††† So what to do with all of my "out of position" forces? They may be wrongly placed

for defense but they're well placed for...†† attack! I had probed QUAD's W134 last turn.

So I can see that it has only one Iship and no fleets at all there on turn 15. Based on this

probe and the pattern of QUAD's movement during the early turns I am convinced

that W105 is the QUAD homeworld. I will send two fleets and 79 ships into his

homeworld. If nothing else this will force him to shift a lot of ships to defense.


TURN 16††† Score = 3980†† W = 39K = 32A = 12


††††† Alright!! My attack on QUAD's homeworld is a success. My 79 ships are just enough

to pirate capture two QUAD and two PION fleets totaling 24 ships. With only 6 Iships

his industry is fully suppressed. QUAD's invasion force in my territory now totals nine

fleets and 154 ships. But I've neutralized his homeworld and have enough force to

protect mine. It will take a few more turns but eventually QUAD is toast.

††††† I will AH QUAD's homeworld and at a minimum drive it neutral. I'll also start spreading

out through QUAD's area. Since he too is a pirate capturing his already plundered worlds

won't help my scoring as much as I would like. But I can't leave an intact QUAD empire in

place. I'm not going to give him a chance to rise from the ashes against me.

††††† This turn I also met two new players, SIVA and EDEN. I'm continuing exploration into

new areas but am severely limited by lack resources due to the war with QUAD. I can see

eight other players and their scores this turn. My score is 750 points ahead of all the other

scores that I can see. So despite what I consider my somewhat slow scoring pace so far

so good versus my competition.


SW-A1371 T17 article map



TURN 17††† Score = 4437†† W = 41K = 34A = 15


††††† I have captured QUAD's homeworld, W105, plus two other worlds of his. The

homeworld is immediately at full production. QUAD is continuing his doomed

attack on my homeworld. He moved a fleet with 22 ships in this turn. But I've got

four fleets and 62 ships including the builds for this turn. So I can both protect my

industry and completely destroy his fleet if he stays.

††††† Next turn I'll have plenty of fleets and 163 ships at my homeworld. QUAD is

still boring in with six more fleets and 100 ships. But he can't really hurt me any

more so long as I move carefully for the next two or three turns. Unfortunately

I've got eleven fleets and nearly 200 ships tied up near my homeworld in order

to be sure of saving it from QUAD's attack

†††††† I will spread out as quickly as possible through QUAD's empire. Apparently

he poured almost all of his ships and keys into his attack on my homeworld. His

empire appears to be only lightly defended. Too bad much of it has already

been plundered.

†††††† I am also starting an invasion of EDEN's worlds. I can see the scores of

eight other players this turn. The highest of them is at 4,138 points or 299 behind

my score.


TURN 18††† Score = 4764†† W = 44K = 34A = 15


†††††† Oh no! The game is over and VELA, revealed as Lin Goldstein, has won with

8,598 points. I could see his score last turn as one of the eight scores visible to

me. Even if he was the player with 4,138 points last turn he still scored at least

4,460 points this turn. My guess is he used at least ten or so PBBs to do it. It's yet

another demonstration of how dangerous a Berserker can be if he survives into the

later turns of the game. Good job Lin!

†††††† In post-game analysis I still think that I played correctly given the information

available to me. I'm well aware that both Merchants and Berserkers can score heaps

of points quickly and win games. I can't help wondering what would have happened

if PION had given just a couple of worlds to me during the early turns. I probably

would have stayed with my original strategic plan of attacking VELA / Lin first. But there's

no way to tell how that battle might have turned out. Even if I had beaten Lin I may well

have been sufficiently damaged that QUAD's attack would have finished me off. Or

maybe something else entirely would have happened.

†††††† Anyway, that's what keeps me coming back to Starweb. Every game is sufficiently

different to keep my interest level high.

†††††† Here are the ending scores. I finished second and did well measured by resources

owned but was badly beaten in points. Thanks to everyone for a fun game.


Final Results  --  Victory-point limit was 6000


(1)  Lin Goldstein

     [VELA]: Berserker (Score=8598,Worlds=9,Keys=20,Ships=39,Industry=37,



(2)  Jack Fulmer

     [GORN]: Pirate (Score=4764,Worlds=44,Keys=34,Ships=604,Industry=102,



(3)  [IRIS]: Pirate (Score=4419,Worlds=26,Keys=33,Ships=362,Industry=43,



(4)  [CRAY]: Pirate (Score=3937,Worlds=43,Keys=63,Ships=688,Industry=77,



(5)  [ZENO]: Pirate (Score=3581,Worlds=24,Keys=19,Ships=313,Industry=37,



(6)  [ONYX]: Merchant (Score=3464,Worlds=19,Keys=11,Ships=220,Industry=7,



(7)  [RAMA]: Empire-Builder (Score=2905,Worlds=11,Keys=10,Ships=155,



(8)  [PION]: Merchant (Score=2605,Worlds=1,Keys=4,Ships=39,Industry=30,



(9)  [SIVA]: Empire-Builder (Score=2431,Worlds=1,Ships=12,Industry=6,Mines=4,



(10) [QUAD]: Pirate (Score=2396,Worlds=10,Keys=7,Ships=86,Industry=3,Mines=37,



(11) [WYRM]: Berserker (Score=2305,Worlds=21,Keys=13,Ships=241,Industry=76,



(12) [BORG]: Pirate (Score=1709,Worlds=1,Ships=1,Industry=1,Mines=4,



(13) [AURA]: Empire-Builder (Score=1645,Worlds=1,Keys=1,Ships=12,Mines=2,



(14) [EDEN]: Artifact-Collector (Score=1185,Worlds=22,Keys=21,Ships=380,



(15) [YETI]: Merchant (Score=130,Worlds=2,Ships=23,Industry=2,Mines=13,





QUESTIONS - Can anyone answer these?


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So the question now is Ė How much interest is there in an old fashioned Play by mail game like Starweb? Who makes up the core playing pool AND are there any new players out there willing to give up real money to play when there are so many free games on the web?


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