SW-L/27 (submitted by Joe Taormina)

This was another map with 2-connector HWs that sat between levels.  There were 13 players in this game, so that left 242 worlds to put into the pattern.  It ended up as 2 levels of 121 worlds each in an 11x11 grid.  The map wrapped from top to bottom and from left to right, making a torus.  Since each world was connected to a world on the other level, this would make a map of one donut nested inside the other, with the HWs sitting between the two.

The original drawings for this map were deleted when the game was over.  During the game, I worked from a map similar to the 1257 map.  Two unconnected levels with a co-ordinate system attached to show inter-connections.  In redrawing it, I decided to superimpose one level over another.  Makes for a better overall picture, and since there are only two levels, it isn't confusing, especially with the level connectors color coded.

This was the final world disposition of the game.  Except for several Katza and one Hound world, the only people left were alliance members.  This game was won by Drevonyx.