SW-L/29 (submitted by Elliot Hudes)

This map was quite interesting. The squares are comprised of 5 connector corners with two biconnectors between them. The reach across  the page 3 squares before wrapping to each other. In addition, it connects similarly back to a second wall of similar squares behind (reaching back with the same pattern of squares bridged by the 2 connectors). Of course the top and bottom also wrap.  If folded into 3-D it would be a torus (donut) whose walls are cubes - 3 in a row (around the smaller diameter). This one was very difficult to map because you cannot take 3 cubes in a row and wrap them around so cube 1 meets cube 3 without bending the sides of the cube. In fact, when mapping this out it appears there are several triangles. Looking at the top line (only the 5 connectors), W109-W146-W159 is one of the triangles. To get this map to lay out nicely it was important to cut the connections so these triangles didn't show - or the map became difficult to read with many overlapping connections. The map was finally cracked by David Benepe. The game shown here on T35 shows the yellow alliance in full control.