SW-X349 (Submitted by Elliot Hudes)

This is a rare treasure. I found this in an old folder in my filing cabinet. SW-X349 was reported as having ended sometime in 1980. Remember the old days of pencil and paper maps? Most often they became spagetti maps. This one wouldn't follow a regular pattern until you started crossing over connections on a regular basis - kind of reminded me a bit of chicken wire. There are many two connectors that were squeezed inbetween the usual three connectors to maintain the map grid. And the way the edges mapped always made it hard to discern the 3-D shape. The bottom was solid but the right side wraps to the left bottom to top creating quite the twist (?Some sort of mobius cone?)

This game ended under mysterious circumstances. Buy me a beer someday and I might be inclined to talk about it :-).