SW-Z1268 (Submitted by Joe Taormina)

This map is the one I like best from a drawing standpoint (it sucked to play on).  I think it's the most artistic one and it's one I was very pleased to crack.  This was also a game that had a subnormal number of players in it, with 15000 being the high ending score vote.  This game started simultaneously with SW-Z1267, so I saw how both developed.  When I suspected that there were only eight players in 1267,  I dreaded that it, too, would have only 8 people.  On T4 we found out that there were, in fact, nine.

The map breaks down into several parts.  There are the 4 main levels, each holding 36 worlds in a 4x9 pattern and each holding 2 HWs.  Then there are the intermediate levels, which are just outlines of the main levels.  These sat between the main levels and connected to their perimeters.  Then there were the 4 worlds on the wing.  My HW was one of these, so my initial view of the map was very different than anyone else's.  Trying to reconcile my view with my allies' was giving me fits until I just started with someone elses map and worked from there.  I was then able to fit my map in with everyone else, and found out that I was floating in space.  The last part of this map is the diabolical part.  Each HW had a 2-connector off of it, which connected to another 2-connector.  On T4, 8 people showed up at W60, which was a 9-connector.  This is how we knew there were only 9 people in the game.  This was a hub world that allowed everyone's HW to be within 2 jumps of everyone else's HW.  Not pretty.

The pattern map is a generic map that shows the structure of the web.  The Empire map is a working map where each level connects to the one above and below it through the perimeters (the 4 worlds tucked into the intermediate levels are actually on the outside, but were put inside to save space and to give them a co-ordinate number for the map index).  The Overview map is a combination of the previous two and is color-coded the same as the Empires map.

Got my butt kicked in this game, which was won by Crow.


Pattern Map


Empire Map

Overview Map