SW-Z1306 (submitted by Scott Davis)

This is a sphere map (in Starweb Analyzer format). Scott related to me that this game had the potential for a 15,000 victory point limit.

Scott said:
FUNGUS and I (RUNNER) were in control of the score for the last three turns.  Then, on the final turn, ZODIAC got a big leap in score and went way ahead of what we predicted.  Near as I can figure, he turned a bunch of stuff into industry. Reminds me of the Tortoise and the Hare.  The hare got cocky again, it seems...

It was kind of nice to have a game with only 10 people.  A game to 20 turns was about right -- maybe a turn or so too long.  :-)

Here is the map by empire.

Now the map again but colored by alliance.